Still a Mystery?

The Bermuda Triangle

Who controls the Bermuda Triangle? Is it phenomena, devils, or aliens? Is it just good old Mother Nature playing clever tricks? Whoever or whatever it may be, dozens of missing boats, planes, and bodies have vanished with no survivors—except for one man who defied his fate.

It might appear that the Bermuda Triangle has long been forgotten. The truth is that science research and experiments, professional studies of wreckages along with expedition crews, have continued their ongoing activities seeking extensively to find the truth of what lies at the base of this invisible all consuming vortex. Recent information, based on a video produced by the History Channel, unveils many different approaches of what makes this very large triangular area a baffling mystery. The debates, the disappearances, the data, even a victim survivor, will reveal information that cannot be denied for discounting alien activity.

In 1964, a Paranormal Researcher name Vincent Gaddis coined the phrase, The Bermuda Triangle, when he wrote an article for Argosy Magazine. During the span of 35 years up to the present date, 700 boats, 120 planes, and countless bodies have vanished without a trace after entering the Bermuda Triangle, also known as The Devils Triangle. A triangular area spanning from 500,000 to 1.5 million square miles from the points of Miami, to Puerto Rico, to Bermuda, has been the culprit of the claim.

According to documentation, all of these mystery disappearances occurred during fair weather. The take-off of aircraft’s would be ordinary, their communications and equipment were sufficiently functioning.  It is also recorded; those who called for mayday reported the same activity and surroundings before they vanished. Pilots would report that their compasses malfunctioned or stopped working, or reported that all instruments began to malfunction as they became surrounded by thick fog with no way out, losing their course of direction. As for the disappearance of ships and boats, no distress calls were ever recorded and nothing to indicate that they were in trouble and needed assistance. They merely disappeared without a trace.

An astounding fact is that the first report of a curious citing was recorded in the year of 1492 when Christopher Columbus claimed that his compass began to malfunction. He also recorded seeing strange lights in the sky. In 1918, the USSA Cyclops, a 542 ft. long ship carrying 300 sailors set off in fair weather from Brazil to Baltimore, passing partly through the Triangle. They were seen just hours before they disappeared by a British Patrol who reported all was well. They never arrived to their destination and disappeared without a trace, not even a distress signal. On a routine flight in 1949, Naval Flight 19, consisting of 5 planes and a training crew of 14 members, disappeared 1 hour after take-off.  The weather was perfect. All of the pilots began to report that their compasses were malfunctioning. All 5 planes disappeared and lost communications after flying way off of their course. A 13 crew member Sea Plane was sent out immediately for a rescue. It too, disappeared never to be heard from again. Another pilot on a flight from St. Thomas to Miami radioed that he was in trouble and a thick fog had surrounded him. However, Miami reported that the weather was fair. He said he was disoriented and he was losing engine power and that his plane was going down. Nothing more was heard from him until 11 hours later, 600 miles away from Miami near the Caribbean. He radioed to Caicos towers saying he was 10 minutes away from their runway and asked permission to land. Caicos Towers confirmed his flight number and identity and gave him the go-ahead, but he never landed. He disappeared permanently without a trace. During Charles Lindenburg’s transatlantic flight, he recorded having compass malfunction and lost direction for a long time. But he never recorded a strange fog and recovered without any further problems.

There is a restricted area around Andros Island where most of these disappearances has occurred. A USA Naval facility called AUTEC, or Atlantic Underwater Test and Evaluation Center, is located on this Island where there have been many UFO sightings as well USO (Under Sea Sightings) have been reported. Those living around the Andros Island area in the Bahamas have reported UFO sightings. People of the Bermuda Banks would claim to see glowing objects beneath the water’s surface. In fact, Gian Ouasar, is a leading expert and extensive researcher of the Bermuda Triangle mystery is convinced these disappearances are UFO related. He has studied the list of every aircraft and ship that has disappeared. He stated that not one ELT box was ever activated before any of the hundreds of disappearances. ELT boxes transmit signals of an impact if an aircraft should crash. Due to this fact, it would indicate that they disappeared in mid air. There was one distress call that could confirm the existence of UFO activity. In 1980, Jose Torris was flying his plane through Puerto Rico. He made a distress call: “this is flight 38, mayday mayday! We have a very weird object in front of us that has made us lose our course—mayday mayday!” The tower picked up his signal and also saw another signal just as he reported. Jose then he disappeared and soon the strange signal followed. He was not heard from him again. His ELT box was never activated.

Hundreds of boats, aircraft, and people have disappeared. The FAA National Transport Safety Board does not exist for any investigations into the Bermuda disappearances. Therefore these disappearances go unexplored. They are not considered for extensive ongoing investigations into the disappearances of boats and aircraft, thus leaving these mystery disappearances at a stalemate. Even the military coast guard calls the idea of these disappearances a myth. Greg Little, a professional underwater explorer the mission upon himself and organized a small expedition crew to search for wreckage that may give them a clue as to what happened just before their disappearance out of radars tracking. For the past 7 years they have searched for missing planes within the coastal area of Bermuda. A few wreckage’s of very small planes have been found by the search crew, located about 30 feet or so from the shores with no trace of human carnage, and no proof can be found to confirm these wreckage’s are those who were reported missing during flight within the Bermuda Triangle area. When they check for N-Numbers (numbers to show registration and owner) on the wreckage, none can be found. N-Numbers are as unique as fingerprints and could easily identify the missing persons and the aircraft. Several of the planes are assumed to be drug planes that were ditched after their drug run.

There has been only one man to escape from and survive the clutches of the devil. In 1970, Bruce Gernon was flying his small plane when he began to experience a fog surrounding him. His instruments began to spin and malfunction. All of a sudden he had found himself out of the fog and suddenly at his destination. What should have taken 1 hour from take off to landing, ended up to be a 30 minute flight. He said all he could think of was an electric fog because he said everything felt magnetic. He believed he had time-traveled because there was no way he could make that flight in 30 minutes. From that point onward he devoted his life to solving this mystery. Dave Pares, a physiologist, used NASA reports on solar energy based on the year 2000. He surmises that when abnormal winds collide with normal thunder storm activity it can create a strong electrode-magnetic force. This field has been known to knock out satellites and power grids. It also may create a fog in the area in which the two powers meet. However, every time there had been a disappearance the weather was clear and fair. This could also confirm a UFO activity. UFO’s would not want to fly into turbulent weather when it could endanger their ship and cause them to be exposed. Dave Pares flew a small plane into this much awaited storm system to test his theory and to prove that these were the elements and conditions that caused the disappearances of many aircraft’s. His instruments began to malfunction but there no thick fog developed and there was not enough electrode-magnetic force to cause his small plane to crash, time travel, or to disappear; thus, disproving his theory.

Hans Graber a Scientist and the world’s leading expert on wave dynamics, also the head of the Marine and Science Department at the Universe of Miami Florida, developed a theory about something called Rogue Waves, similar to a tsunami wave and may be responsible for the disappearance of the ships. From a 1300 gallon wave tank he simulated what he believes these supposed Rogue Waves can do to a ship in a matter of seconds. They are a product of small super position waves all flowing along in the ocean. When they meet at a certain time, all at once they rage upward hitting the ship with the speed of a freight train, swallowing up the boat in a matter of seconds. They are approximated to be as high as 90 feet, lasting a matter of less than a minute and as fast as they rise they fall, leaving the surface of the ocean calm. They say this type of wave can swallow an entire ship leaving no trace. However, this is only a theory without a trace of proof that these waves do exist. No one has ever seen one. And this would not explain the disappearances of aircraft’s. But it would confirm USO activity—Unidentified Sea Objects.

Dave Pares, an expert Physicist on research, Hans Graber, the worlds leading expert on wave dynamics, and Greg Little, expert expedition researcher. The results has equaled no matching N-Numbers, no ELT readings, no planes, boats or bodies, no electrode-magnetic fog, and no Rouge Waves. So what are the equations and the answers? The belief of Gian Ouasar, the world’s leading expert on the Bermuda Triangle, makes it evident that UFO’s are equation. Jose Torris and his mayday call, the weird object flying in front of him blocking his way, is the equation and the answer. Are UFO’s responsible for the disappearance of hundreds of boats, planes and people? I believe the facts and documents speak clearly.


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