Dedicated to Jarvis Jay Masters: Without Remains

Dedicated to Jarvis Jay Masters: WITHOUT REMAINS
by Roze Albina Ches

I am here. Me, my life; there, somewhere among the fallen ruins of what I thought would save me. Silent voices are calling good-bye, and I let go. Betraying hands lose their grip, and I drift away. No safety shore behind me, no horizon somewhere ahead. The stirring sounds of rising waters are unmerciful refusing to show the way. Fog and mist cry tears of balm over my bruised and battered soul, my shaved emotions. I reach for the love birthed by a dream, birthed by the echoing words of a stranger’s past, a heart calling out a victory story to the harsh and hurting. Pavement, concrete, and steel all turn to him, all turn to me, speaking beautiful wishes. What can seep a ray of hope into the veins of a shattered illusion? I’m spread-eagle, free-falling, standing still. The clay beneath my feet crumbles, and I have a ticket to sail unbound, unsealed, unraveled, and undefined. I am forever soaring high like a butterfly on the wings of an unruly breeze. I laugh and cry and scream into the endless blue above for millions of deaf ears to hear. I drift over the deep while thousands of blind eyes observe my passing. Day and night will rise and fall, and fall, and fall. I am all of this. This is all of me.


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